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Detail Information

Basic information:

Translated ncRNA: pri-miRNA

Related IDs cncRNA ID CNC_N_000793
Name lja-MIR171b
Gene ID MI0024378
Location Coordinate(Strand) 1:6911133-6911296(+)
Locus Sequence
Organism Lotus japonicus

Peptide information:

Peptide length 22

Evidence support:

In vivo/vitro assay In vivo assay (Lotus japonicus)
Low-throughput method qRT-PCR
High-throughput method /
Tissue/Cell /
Description of experimental evidence The peptide was synthesized by Smartox Inc., which can activate target gene LOM1 expression, enhance mycorrhization and protect LOM1 from silencing by other miR171 family members. The expression of miRNAs and LOM1 were detected by qRT-PCR.


Human /
Chimpanzee /
Mouse /
Drosophila /
Zebrafish /


PMID 28041928
Description LOM1 expression and mycorrhizal colonization decreased significantly in response to all the miPEPs except to that corresponding to miR171b, which activated both expression of LOM1 and mycorrhization. All the miPEPs data were collected from Figure 2.