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Detail Information

Basic information:

Translated ncRNA: pri-miRNA

Related IDs cncRNA ID CNC_N_000795
Name gma-MIR172c
Gene ID MI0010727
Location Coordinate(Strand) 18:2979182-2979334(+)
Locus Sequence
Organism Glycine max

Peptide information:

Peptide length 16

Evidence support:

In vivo/vitro assay In vivo assay (Glycine max)
Low-throughput method qRT-PCR
High-throughput method /
Tissue/Cell /
Description of experimental evidence The peptide was synthesized by Smartox Inc., which can increase nodule number in soybean and enhance the accumulation of their corresponding mature miRNAs. The expression of the miRNA was detected by qRT-PCR on plant (synthetic peptide treatment).


Human /
Chimpanzee /
Mouse /
Drosophila /
Zebrafish /


PMID 27105382
Description Use of microRNA-encoded Peptide miPEP172c to Stimulate Nodulation in Soybean. We showed that exogenous application of synthetic miPEP172c could be used to stimulate miR172c expression.